Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heaven in a Bottle

Good Morning!

Gotta make this quick because I got sidetracked last night and never started packing... I want it to look like I did something when the parents get here! Then I'll let my mom pack :)

On my quest to use up all my refrigerated food before tomorrow, I took stock of my inventory this morning when deciding on breakfast and discovered that I still had a serving of my pure maple syrup left!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE maple syrup. It's a good thing it's so expensive because I'd use it everyday otherwise! It's just so good. I really don't understand how people can use that fake stuff. It doesn't taste anything like maple syrup! I'm looking forward to home - my Dad buys a giant jug of it online so we're always stocked up. I think a maple tofu dinner is in my future!

My breakfast this morning obviously had to include maple syrup, and the frozen strawberries I had took out to defrost last night. Strawberry pancakes were calling my name!

I think pancakes get a bad rap. I used Bisquick Healthy Heart pancake mix, egg beaters, and almond milk and added some wheat bran and strawberries. Strawberries were inside as well as on top. Sounds fairly healthy to me! If had time to really healthify them I'd make them from scratch and use whole wheat flour.

With iced coffee and a multivitamin.

It's gunna be 84 degrees today and I found out the gym is closed for the weekend. Guess I'll be running in the heat again! I plan on getting out fairly early though so hopefully it's not too bad. Have a great Friday!

I probably won't post again til tonight after my Melting Pot experience. I'm excited! Has anyone ever been there?

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