Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wheat Bran is my New Best Friend

Thanks to Tina and her wheat bran lesson, I bought a bag from Bob’s Red Mill on my last shopping trip and let me tell you, my wheat bran-infused oats held me over til 2:30pm this afternoon!! I was hard at work on my last school project (ever!) and didn’t even think about food until I looked down at the clock and saw it was 2pm already. I highly recommend getting this stuff! The taste of my oats didn’t change, it just made them more substantial. Love it!

Since I’m moving out in a few days, I’m trying to use up all of my frozen/refrigerated food. Thus today’s lunch concoction was born:

Multicultural Bulgur


¼ cup bulgur

½ cup frozen spinach

1/8 cup black beans

1/8 cup feta cheese

Tbsp Italian dressing

Directions: Boil a half cup of water and pour over bulgur in bowl. Let sit for for 8-12 minutes or until absorbed.

Meanwhile, microwave frozen spinach.

Mix everything together and wa-lah, multicultural bulgur! It’s a little bit of Middle Eastern, Mexican, Greek, and Italian.

I heated it up for lunch (although I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad cold) and added some flax and sunflower seeds to the mix. Not bad for whatever I had in the fridge!

So as I said, I’ve been hard at work all day on my last project as an undergrad. I took a design class this semester where we learned how to use Adobe InDesign and so for my final project I chose to do a catalog for my Aunt’s cookie company. She just opened up a storefront for her cookie company so I thought I’d help her out.

Isn’t it cute? It smells AMAZING in there, I don’t think its possible for someone to go in there and not buy something! I may or may not have had one of these last time I was in there...

While looking at all her delicious baked goods in the computer lab, I snacked on this:

My new favorite flavor of Larabar! The cherry flavor is pretty overpowering but I love it. Here are the flavors I’ve tried so far, in order of favorite to least:

1) Cherry Pie

2) Coconut Crème Pie

3) Pecan Pie

4) Cinnamon Roll

The ingredient list on these babies blows me away every time. Dates, Almonds, Unsweetened Cherries. It’s so rare to see such a short list these days.

I also made a quick stop at the Pitt (University of Pittsburgh) Book Center to use up a $20 gift card I got from my employer for Christmas. I noticed sale signs this morning so I thought I’d check it out. I think I did pretty well for 20 bucks.

I got Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Conditioner (does anyone else run out of the conditioner bottle way before the shampoo bottle?), a birthday card for my Dad who's turning 50 tomorrow, some green tea that was on sale for 19 cents a piece, a portfolio for my impending job search, and Food Smarts.

It was on sale and looked interesting!

"Does a menu at a French restaurant look totally Greek to you? Do you know your chickpeas from your chittlins? FoodSmarts can help. It's the fun way to raise your food IQ, with interesting and useful facts on foods from popcorn to pot au feu."

The sample questions looked good. Expect to be seeing some interesting foodie facts in the future!

As I've been writing this I've been snacking on this:

The last of my bananas, covered in a tbsp of cashew butter with honey, cinnamon, and flax. Not very photogenic but one of my favorite snacks.

Ok, off to see what I can come up with for dinner and then the Office is on tonight!

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